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Our Products

Archer Advance Group Co.,Ltd. was chosen to be a representative for lady sanitary napkin oxygen “Injoy Nurse” which can protect and check up women’s health. The product’s qualities are :-

International qualities

  • 1. Makes you feel dry and comfortable using a seven layer pad.
  • 2. Using physics technology – having an oxygen pad between each pad which can ventilate air, kill bacteria, mold and deodorize without any side-effect.
  • 3. Well absorbing and good protection. Giving you confidence to do any activities.
  • 4. Special feature that can check your health. The pad will have a different color if there is something wrong with your vagina so you can get the proper treatment in time.

Primary Patent

  • 1. The paten of Oxygen Reactor – National Patent ZL 200620154574.5
  • 2. The Patent of Alarm Sanitary Napkins ZL 200+20154573.0

SAX products

We also have many other products under Australia’s standard and control as the brand “SAX”. Our company is a reseller in Thailand and Asia Pacific.

We also sell Microfiber clothes which works great for absorbing water and dust, nutrition products and including OTOP products such as: quit-smoking candy, natural soap, herbal tea and cosmetic products.

All About Milk By Sarah

It is a know fact that the properties in milk can be benifitial to human skin, and we recognise that one of the acclaimed most beautiful women that ever lived Cleopatra, took a Milk and honey bath everyday, making and keeping her skin the envy of women for many generations.

Skin care can be a problem in our modern world, with more harsh UV rays finding their way through our atmosphere, and more air born particles and pollution in our cities and surrounding county side

Skin beauty can also be dependant on your areas climate some more humid areas you might need a less oily product or in less humid areas of the world you might need more emollient in the products you are using.

In our All About Milk beauty products line we use several different types of milk to cater for many different skin types and skin conditions.

We use goats milk, cow’s milk, soy milk, coconut milk, and rice milk in our range of skin products. Each of these milks give a slightly different property and through our R&D program we have found that certain essential oils compliment the different milk types making a more soothing and relaxing experience for our friends

As this web site develops we will be giving a break down of individual products their ingredients and the benefits you will gain by using each individual product

At present we are producing natural soaps, Lotions for body and face, scrubs, and shampoo for sale locally in our shop and very soon I will have this online site shop open for you.