About us

Archer Advance Group Co.,Ltd. was established in 2004.  We specialize in marketing management, hotel management, providing any products or manpower for public or private organizations an import/export international standard products.  With more than 20 years of experience, our team focuses on high quality products and service for our customers according to the goal and purpose of each organization.  Our marketing team is rich in experience and it ready to provide consulting and is confident our customers will be completely satisfied with our service.

We have a good relationship with many countries around the world such as the United States of America, Belgium, Spain, France, Iceland, Denmark, Australia, Finland, Norway, England, Dubai and all of our neighboring countries in Asia.


1. Hotel business – For example : Finding location and organize managing System.
2. Full Hotel Management service or marketing only by our sales team  which is Experienced and ready
    to publicize your hotel service for international customers, agencies, enterprises and general
3. Organizing meetings or seminars for public or private organization.
4. Coordinate for local and international buying or selling.  We can provide for Your business with any
    country in the world.
5. Coordinate for providing any products or manpower for public or private organization.
6. Import/export products


Archer Advance Group Co.,Ltd. determines to please our customers by providing the highest quality products to you in time with reasonable prices.  We can do this through our sales team.


Archer Advance Group Co.,Ltd. under my management and our capable experienced team can provide you consulting and good quality products with service to perfection.

Because of the economic condition today, we have such a high competition for many kinds of product.  We foresee this matter, that is why we have chosen high quality products for the consumers as another choice for daily products.  We base our decision in choosing and finding the products on the consumers and our customers’ wants, including services or training for any company that needs our help.  We are glad and willing to serve all customers with gentleness, friendship and our capability.

We thank you for all who are interested in our products and services.  With our experienced team, we are ready to serve you.
We are looking forward to serving you in the near future.

With sincerely regards,
Sarailachat S Lowe